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Christmas Craft Fair This Weekend & Norbert's Just Keeps Cranking Out Books

Norbert's books where popular at the Wesitle and Three Oaks Christmas craft shows this year. He loves writing, and the craft shows are a yearly highlight for him. This year he's been joined by Julie Affleck, our newest graphic designer at Syntrak. She's bringing some great new children's books and young adult options to the table :)   

 The next event is coming up this weekend at the Fortune Cove Community Centre starting at 10am on Saturday and Sunday.  If you're down east, drop in.

 Norbert's keeping that writing pencil sharp:

  • A new Children's book, Mysie and the Golden Eagle will be available this spring
  • Norbert's co-authoring a crime fiction book called Illusion with Austin Larsen available fall 2023 
  • And The Cobbler of Orwell Cover, a human interest historic fiction book is coming summer 2023



Teddy And I ... Can't Wait For Christmas by Julie Affleck

Mysie, by Norbert Stewart



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