Norbert Stewart at book signing

Norbert's First Mini-Book Tour of 2022


Cambridge Narrows Regional Library, New Brunswick

Friday 1 PM - discussing “Mysie,” “Jane” and “Murder of the Peddler” with patrons of the Cambridge Narrows Regional Library.

The New Brunswick Highland Games Festival

New Brunswick Highland Games Festival

Saturday 2 PM - one of two workshops at the Highland Games in Fredericton presenting readings from “Mysie” as well as readings from “Jane” by co-author Laurie Hossack.

Then on Sunday, the second workshop at 1 PM reading for children from Norbert's fantasy book, “Mysie and the Foxy Fox.”

Sales and signings opportunities will also be available at the Highland Games site (on the grounds of historic Government House, Woodstock Road, Fredericton, NB)"



New Brunswick Scottish settler dug out


Norbert's books are available at And if you're looking for a Charlottetown printer to help you publish a book, we're happy to help.


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