Syntrak Client Press Release: Bait Masters Inc Jan  (25)

Syntrak Client Press Release: Bait Masters Inc Jan (25)

 After its first year in production, PEI startup alternative bait company expands distribution of its sustainable crustacean bait into the United States./Newfoundland

With humble beginnings on Prince Edward Island, Bait Masters Inc. is now poised to be the largest alternative bait manufacturing company in the world. 

Bait Masters has been operating out of a two-million-dollar facility in Nine Mile Creek, on the south shore of P.E.I. since June of 2020. The new facility is capable of producing 1.7 million pounds of alternative bait per year on a single shift. When operating at full capacity, that amount looks more like 4 million pounds of bait. During their first year in production, Bait Masters manufactured and sold alternative crustacean bait to  Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and P.E.I.   

With a successful season at home under their belt, Bait Masters was looking for a way to tap into the extensive crustacean fishing market along the east coast of the United States. Through discussions with the Department of Maine Resources, Bait Masters Inc. was able to get their bait alternative approved for export and sale for the fall of this year.  

The company is now selling and shipping alternative bait throughout Maine and New Hampshire through partnership with a local distributor, The U.S. Lobster Company. Bait Masters Inc. in the process of expanding their sales into South Carolina and Florida.

What makes Bait Masters Inc.’s Alternative Bait Special?

Bait Masters’ alternative crustacean bait is a more sustainable option to the traditional crustacean baits on the market. It is made with a mixture of fresh and dried pelagic fish and cased in a special binding to hold it together. The product is pre-packaged, easy to handle and it works just as well as traditional bait. The hands-on manufacturing process allows the Bait Masters team to tailor batches to the preferences of the fishermen ordering. 

While it looks like a sausage, this alternative bait is more sustainable and cost-effective than traditional bait sources. Its design gives it a slower erosion rate in the water, so it lasts longer in trap fishing for lobster and crab. It also uses less pelagic fish than traditional crustacean bait, helping to reduce the strain that the crustacean fishing industry puts on populations of pelagic fish like herring and mackerel. 


About Bait Masters Inc.

  It is owned and operated by business partners Mark Prevost and Wally MacPhee Bait Masters Inc. is a local business based in Prince Edward Island Owned and operated by partners Mark Prevost and Wally MacPhee responsible for the manufacturing of the alternative bait. Bait Masters Inc. has been working with PEI based BioFoodTech, who have provided support in the processing of the Bait Masters bait alternative to be used in the field test.  BioFoodTech is a food technology center that provides technical support to the food processing industry in Prince Edward Island. As well as the University of PEI, and supported by the Province of PEI the Atlantic Fisheries fund and some private investment .     15 % of the company is owned by Olivier Sauvé and Pam Schurman Montgomery. The two-million-dollar facility has the capabilities to produce 1.7 million pounds of alternative bait per year on a single shift and can operate fuller to produce 4 million pounds if necessary 

For more information on the Bait Masters Inc. alternative bait or the upcoming study, please contact:

or Call 902-675-3719

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Bait Masters Inc. featured on CBC Land and Sea episode  December 5th 2021 

Featured on Land and Sea ( tradition with a twist December 5th episode 2021

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