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Toonies For Youth Hit Record $158,973 Draw

Request To All Beneficiaries 

Hello Everyone,

What a ride! I am excited to write to you today with the news that we have seen incredible growth of the Toonies For Youth Draw while we went on this historic run! Not to mention, we gave away a new record amount on November 17th ($158,973)!!!

I wanted to reach out to you today because, historically, we have noticed that after these big amounts / runs come to an end, the weekly amounts will decrease significantly. Our goal is to try to reduce that from happening and that is where we need your help.

I am asking all Beneficiaries to please send me some information on the great ways that Toonies For Youth has impacted your incredible organization. The goal is to be able to highlight these great initiatives that your organization is doing within your community, so that participants can see all the good that is coming from the Toonies For Youth draw. Which, in turn, hopefully will have them want to continue to play in the draw (not just when the amount is high).

Thank you again for dedicating some time to this and for all your help. Thank you also to everyone who was able to make the cheque presentation, Ida is currently in Ontario but will be returning back over the holidays. We wanted to get a photo regardless (to get it out for everyone to see), so it was great to have her sister there! See below for the action shot. Thank you all again, have a great day!


Morgan Carlile
Assistant Executive Director
BGC Summerside
106 Cedar Street
Summerside, PE C1N 3P7
Tel: 902-436-9403
Cell: 902-303-4883

Toonies for Youth record draw


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Congratulations to Ida Ward for winning the record-breaking Toonies for Youth Draw. And thank you to the volunteers and support staff that make this fundraising possible. has been supporting Prince Edward Island community fundraising for over 16 years.  We've sponsored many events such and are proud to provide services to organizations such as The Charlottetown Y Service Club (YMCA). 

Charlottetown Y Service Club
This small group has made a BIG impact fundraising for Island causes such as Toonies For Youth. (That's our president Norbert in the back, left)


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