South Shore Soaps

South Shore Soaps is small family farm on the south shore of Prince Edward Island who maintain a herd of 25 goats. They make handcrafted goat milk soap for clearer healthier looking skin. And have expanded into a broad range of recipes, shampoo & conditioner bars, bubble bath and deodorant.
South Shore Soaps is an environmentally conscious brand on a mission.

Keep it… Pure. Simple. Clean.

South Shore Soaps samples
Syntrak is not just another Charlottetown printer. We foster relationships for collaboration. 
It's been a pleasure working on packaging as shown below:
South Shore packaging by Syntrak Print & Graphics Inc.
Holiday packaging for South Shore Soaps
And in December 2021 we even helped publish their first book! And you can purchase it on our website too.
South Shore Soaps is located in Queens County.


When South Shore Soaps needs a Charlottetown printer for logo design, product packaging, product labels and children's book printing, we're happy to help.