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B is for Bubblegum

by Julie Affleck (Author)

Nine year old Zita loves WORDS!...and her favourite book is still…. THE DICTIONARY!

Today is B WORDS DAY.Arthur is baffled by B WORDS DAY, but he does like bubblegum - with three B's. Zita has a ballet recital tonight, but there is lots of time before the evening, for barging, banishment, beads, belching, bubblegum, and a beautiful bun, before the day comes to a brilliant end with a blazing blitz, bonbons and begonias.

This "day in the life" family adventure series by Julie Affleck, continues with Julie's "in the moment" style of writing and Alexander MacAdam's expressive, observant and colourful watercolour illustrations.B is for Bubblegum! is a read alone or read aloud book to be enjoyed by both children and parents. B is for Bubblegum! continues in the same style as A is for Applesauce, and is the same good choice to expand your child's B Word Vocabulary.

The bright B WORDS BLITZ GLOSSARY found at the end of the book lists over one hundred B Words used in the story, some very familiar, others less so. For those who may be interested, B is for Bubblegum! is accompanied by B is for Bubblegum! Word Playas a separate colourful activity book, directed to the grade three to five level.

Book two of the Arthur & Zita Alphabet Book Series.

By Prince Edward Island author (and Graphic Designer at Syntrak) Julie Affleck

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Book Format: Paperback

Pages: 54

Dimensions: 21.59 x 0.33 x 27.94 cm

Published: April 23, 2014

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