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  • Jane book by Norbert Stewart and Laurie Hossack.
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by Norbert Stewart & Laurie Hossack (Author)

Based on the life of Mysie’s best friend, Jane Hossack (1829-1904) –her
Scottish spirit gave her the strength to overcome a legion of personal tragedies.

Jane is a legacy novel based on the life of Jane Hossack (Mysie MacDonald’s best friend). Born in Scotland in 1829, she, her parents and siblings immigrated to New Brunswick, arriving at Scotch Settlement on November 25, 1836. Contrary to promises made by the immigration agency, the NB and NS Land Company, they found no completed log cabin, no cleared land, no food supplies; nothing but 100 acres of dark, cold forest. Armed with an iron will and an unshakeable spirit to not only survive but prosper, she endured a virtual steady stream of setbacks, challenges and heartbreaking events. In spite of a troubled and difficult life, she enjoyed remarkable accomplishments that are well remembered to this day. Jane Hossack passed away in Taymouth, NB in 1904.

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Book Format: Paperback

Pages: 236

Dimensions: 13.97 x 1.5 x 21.59 cm

Published: January 4, 2022

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