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  • Murder of the Peddler by author Nobert Stewart.
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The Murder of The Peddler: The Legend of Wally Craig

by Norbert Stewart (Author)

Based on the 1885 murder of a Peddler, this crime mystery delves into the bizarre details and mix of characters enveloped in the case.

Known simply as “The Peddler,” everybody in the area knew of him, and yet few, if any, actually knew his name. A true 19th-century entrepreneur, the arrival of The Peddler in Fredericton Junction, NB was an eagerly anticipated event, not simply for the mass of onlookers who greeted his arrival, along with a herd of beef cattle, but the cattle buyers, who provided the link with the consumers in Upper Canada. The Beehive, a busy establishment most any time, was even more so with the arrival of The Peddler in town.

It was just a friendly game of cards, following a hearty dinner, and The Peddler welcomed the relaxation and the opportunity for quiet conversation. Unfortunately, spurred on by copious quantities of delicious ale, he quite likely said too much to the wrong people also seated at the table, a terrible oversight that, the following morning, would cost him his life.

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Book Format: Paperback

Pages: 153

Dimensions: 13.97 x 1.5 x 21.59 cm

Published: February 17, 2022

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