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The Sorcery

by Norbert Stewart (Author)

In January of 1939, following their discovery of a mysterious object off the north coast of Antarctica, the entire crew of the German whaling ship are found dead. In the closing months of WWII, the object is recovered by a UK agent but he and the object disappear without a trace. A decade later, the UK agent turns up dead in a small lake near Halifax, NS. and Dr. Griggory Semjonov and Wing Commander Nigel Grimsby of The Scholfield Group receive a cryptic message from an unknown source, hinting of the possible location of the object.

However, they also receive a stern warning that others, including the powerful and psychotic head of a known criminal family, are also in pursuit. The warning soon becomes reality with kidnappings, a bombing and the deaths of several of those engaged in the pursuit. Can The Scholfield team survive the recovery of the mysterious, perhaps deadly object, determine its purpose and origin before it’s too late?


Semjonov Fiction-Adventure Series

The Lumenots

“A fast paced and fascinating read.” (D. Clarkson, Alberta)

The Amulet

“Once I began reading it, I couldn’t put it down.” (J. Gill, PE)

The Cube

“I recommend this novel to all readers who enjoy action and mystery.” (K. Morrison, PE)

The Omega Crystals

“Incredible read with a very surprising ending.” (P. Dunphy, NB)

The Sorcery

“A lot of well developed mystery, scary in places... but I loved it.” (E. Smith, NB)

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Book Format: Paperback

Pages: 277

Dimensions: 13.97 x 1.78 x 21.59 cm

Published: July 28, 2020

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