Synthetic Paper

Restaurant Menu
Our synthetic stock is waterproof and tear-resistant, suitable for restaurant menu.

Die Cut

We offer custom shape die cut service. This one is in the shape of Christmas ornament.

Coil Binding

Saddle Stitched Booklets

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Book Publishing

The owner, Norbert, has written 8 books. You can purchase at the shop or on Amazon.

The Cube
The Amulet
The Lumenots
The Omega Crystals
The Pact
The Sorcery

Numbering & Perforating

Artist Cards (scoring)

Large Prints / Posters


Only the covers are laminated for this children’s book (for durability).

Specialty Items

We offer cheques, deposit books, note pads, pull-out business cards, raised print and embossing, UV coating, work orders, time cards, barcodes, QR code labels, lamination and much much more!

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